Saturday, October 18, 2014


Good day?
 Doesn't seem like this at all.
The weather got worse and for now I am not even thinking about making a step outside of my home.
Unless I have a car then it is not that bad.
I can't be even mad cause I didn't have any plans except going to some of the local second hand shops but right now I am feeling to lazy to do this..
So, I guess I will stay in the bed as long as I can.
Honestly, I can't wait to leave my hometown.
Hope Warsaw will make me feel better 'cause now Poland instead of making me happy is just depressing me. Every day look the same.
Let's see the look I prepared for you guys today.
I feel totally like this!
Just to hide my head under the hoodie, sipping a hot coffee, smoking cigarette and doing nothing!
So let's say it is perfect outfit for days like today.
Days which I would call "pre-autumn-boredom".

Jeans Vest- Pull&Bear
T-shirt- H&M
Pants- No name
Shirt(around hips)- H&M
Shoes- Dr.Martens

Pictures and edit by Sara Czech

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As well in next note you can expect review of the movies I watched last week.
Some of them are good, some of them less.
Like it usually happens in life.
And at the end, one video which put the smile on my face even today!


                                                                                                                Pictures and edit by Sara Czech