Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Run boy, run...

Run boy, run. Yup!
Run as far as you can! My backpack is packed, car full of gas and ready to drive to nowhere.
Hahahaha. I wish!
In fact my backpack is full of shit, car can not drive to far and I am still in my small city.
But what I discovered is that writing this blog is making my life, here, more interesting. 
Actually I got an aim to wake up, to go out.
Something I was missing before. 
Well I think I am on a good way to change something. 
Hope change something for better.
I decided to do this pictures in one day.
The idea for them was totally different but at the end I am satisfied and I think the look is great for my actualy mood. Well some days we like something and the other one we can not watch it.
This is what happened to me and this jacket.
I bought it around one and half year ago, We had our ups and downs, lets call it really difficult relationship, but I truly love it. Hope you will love it to!
Then enjoy it!

Jacket- Second Hand
Shirt- H&M
Pants- No name
Shoes- Dr. Martens
Backpack- No name

Well, I think this is it.
For sure you can expect another note in a few days.
I have few ideas how to run this blog in a future, so just give ma a little bit of time until I will realize some of them. Hope you will find it interesting. 
Fell free to comment, follow and like my posts.
I will appreciate any kind of activity.



  1. świetna stylizacja!


  2. Fajny pomysł z tą animacją z markami :) i bardzo fajny, prosty zestaw

  3. Replies
    1. Dzięki wielkie ;) zapraszam częściej w takim razie.

  4. Great outfit <3


  5. Świetnie Tu właśnie o taki klimat mi chodzi dopiero zaczynam może byś wpadł zobaczyć :)

    1. Dzięki wielkie :)
      Cieszę się, że się podoba. Zapraszam częściej w takim razie.

  6. fajnie, swietne zdjecia, takie artystyczne :-) bardzo mi sie podoba!

  7. Świetna stylizacja i ciekawie pozujesz
    Czekam na więcej postów!

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  9. Is it okay to wear a white dress to prom?
    long white dress